About us

437 SWIMWEAR was created by two best friends, who wanted to make simple and flattering swimwear accessible to all girls, regardless of where they live and their budget. The brand is inspired by the creators’ time spent living in Europe, where they cultivated their love of exploring and discovering the continent’s most pristine beaches and secluded swimming spots. The founders believe that the ideal day consists of salty hair, sun kissed skin, and crystal waters - all while wearing the perfect bathing suit… ironically, they were doing just that when they came up with the idea for 437 SWIMWEAR. As the girls lounged on a small boat off the coast of Positano, they promised each other that they would make their swimwear dream a reality.
Once they had returned to their shared house (guess their address number…) in Toronto, they did just that!
437 SWIMWEAR strives to produce simple, minimalistic, and universally flattering designs which showcase a woman’s body in the best possible way. The line is perfect for the carefree, confident girl who loves minimalistic style. She can be found anywhere from swimming at a pebble beach on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, to lounging on a sunchair at her villa in Mykonos.



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